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Level Rewards Features

  1. Try Products Refer Others Get Paid. Its how it works and why it works. Level Rewards is an incentive freebies website that host products and services from many fortune 500 companies.
  2. Try products and services from companies you already like now and trust.
  3. The best part about this opportunity is it pays daily and if you partner with me you will get further resources like websites, exclusive graphics

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Resources And Training

Prospecting Tool Templates And How to Edit in Photoshop Or Pic Collage App

Level-Up - Lifestyle Magazine Template

Download PSD (Photoshop Format)

See training video below on editing. 

Elite Levels - Prospecting Template Coming Soon

Download PSD (Photoshop Format)

See training video below on editing. 

More Coming Soon

How To Edit Level Up Lifestyle Magazine Template In Photoshop

Featuring Lorenzo Hoffman

It takes me about 5 minutes to edit and crop a image in the template. If I'm Available might be able do it for you provided you supply the picture. Just see if i'm on facebook. 

How To Edit Level Up Lifestyle Magazine Template In Pic Collage App

Fast Start Training

Getting Started

First Join The level Rewards Support Groups

Newbie Support Group - https://www.facebook.com/groups/LevelRewardsNewbies/

Picture Proof Group - https://www.facebook.com/groups/irproofpics/

Level Rewards Training - http://www.levelrewardstraining.com

Level Up To At Least Level 5 - 10

Level rewards is a great opportunity but you want it to be worth it. Get to a decent level so you can get decent pay and continue to level up over time. Level up by doing any offers you like

If you are on my team message me to get your prebuild website. 

Great Offers To Get You To High Levels. 

How To Quickly Get Your First Referral as Soon As Today. 

Getting your first referral can be as easy as asking a friend to help out. You want to get paid right away to see that this works for yourself right?

Script for approaching friends or people you know for quick level.

"Hi Friend"
I just started a new gig online finding customers for some companies products and services you've probably heard of before or had an interest in trying like hulu, magic jack, life lock, game fly.

I was wondering if you could possible help me out by being my first customer if there is something you would like to purchase from my rewards site.

If they say yes show them the offers from your phone. If there is a offer they like have them create an account at level rewards using your link on their phone or computer and complete the offer or offers. If they don't see something they like ask other friend.

Know a friend who is out of work with a decent car?
Suggest they drive for uber. - You could even offer then a bonus. Hey if you get qualified to drive for uber with my link , I'm sending you $25 as a bonus after your first pickup

Second approach is just asking close friends to test out an offer to see if you actually get paid. I made $100 doing this my first day in this industry. We all have people who know, like and trust us. 

Use your proof of success to motivate more referrals to join you and level up. 

Write Post That Peek Interest To Get People's Attention. Get Them Asking For Info, But don't let the cat out the bag yet. Engage in a conversation with them about level rewards.  

Don't just post a link. Get people asking for more information then send them some info. Start a conversation. Don't just post your link to this page or your direct level rewards link. A good idea is to create your own facebook group and add people who are interested so you can keep track of who you've spoken too

Post Ideas.

This is so cool!
I get paid to spread brand awareness for fortune 500 companies you know, like and trust. The cool thing about this is you can get started for free. People on our team are making $5 to $125 per day
Comment "Info" For More Information. ​

Computer and Phone - Work From Home
Get Paid to be a Social Media Marketer
$300 - $500 Weekly Earning Potential
Comment "Info" To Receive Details​

Product Testers Needed
Get Paid To Try Free or Discount Products
and marketing this website to others.
$300 - $500 Weekly Earning Potential
Comment "Info" To Receive Details​

Closing Conversations
See What I Say To Get Signups. 

Like To Know Exactly What I Say To Get Sign Ups  To Complete Offers

So you are not confused, in this video I was recruiting for a similar company to level rewards. Level Rewards is new and is way better in every way. The information is still relevant. I will make one about level rewards exclusively soon

We have a real simple concept. Try Products, Refer Others, Get Paid. Its how it works and why it works. We have a team of over 1500 members serious about making money not making excuses and we are very serious about helping others get on our level. 

If you decide this is something you could see yourself doing successful, you'll get a site just like this that does all the explaining for you and you'll get access to our secret facebook groups and chat support help groups. We want to do everything possible to ensure you'll be success.  

Get more details - Always send them to a video explainer or lead capture page for those ready to step their game up. 

Closing Questions #1. Is this something you could see yourself doing? If they say yes. Are you ready or when will  you be ready to complete the sign up process which takes about 15 minutes?

Closing Question #2. On a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the most, how interested are you in working with us or how serious are you about making money.

Less than 5 tell them come back when they get serious. Or tell them thank you for you're time but where looking for more motivated people. I've have people be like WAIT I'm interested sign me up right after saying that. But I also had people cuss me out. Lol. . If they say 10 and don't sign up right away they were probably not really interested. 6 - 9 level interest usually are the ones most considering it

Next it is time to close with a question like are you ready to get qualified right now ? The sign up process takes about 10-15 minutes.​

Anyone who tells you they don't have time is procrastinating but you might have to entertain their procrastination for a time but not for too long. There are plenty of other people ready to take action that you haven't spoken with yet.

Time To Get Motivated

Coming Soon
- Craigslist Training
- Facebook Posting Training
- Instagram Training
- List Building Training