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When it comes to marketing online having a reliable working marketing system is a must have and IFMSN Marketing System offers more then what is typically offered by flashy marketing systems. IFMSN is a marketing system that promotes an opportunity called instant rewards. Instant rewards is an incentive cost per action website. In short they basically pay promoters who help them get people to try out products and services from their featured advertisers. Instant rewards pays out $20 per referral and IFMSN promises to help marketers get referrals for this business.

The marketing system features:

  1. Highly converting landing pages to capture your prospects information.
  2.  An inbound call center to take live calls from your prospects and follow up with your hot leads.
  3.  Live chat on each landing pages to help prospects through the sign up process.
  4. Unique offline and online marketing strategies to get 10 to 20 leads per day.
  5.  $10 Paypal Incentive for those who get started with the system.

Having a call center work for you is a luxury not provided by most marketing systems but he feature we love the most the $10 paypal incentive. Since its only cost about $3 to get started with instant rewards everyone of your prospects gets started in this business with a profit.

Over over the features of this system isn’t much of a review. We’ve actually put the IFMSN system to the test. This video below shows the results we have gotten using this system for our first 15 days.

Click Here To Join IFMSN

Click Here To Join IFMSN

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