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Below is a list of offers you can sign up for in rewarding ways offerwall section that are crediting to make your first $10 to $20 in your first 24 hours. Be sure to join the facebook group as well because I will be posting every time new offers are found that are easy to do but most importantly have credited.

This method works for any GPT that has offer wall sections.

My main section I use are Adgate Media, Adscend Media and They offer the highest payout for offers most of the time. But there may be select offers from time to time from other offerswalls on this list that are not in any other section.

This list will be updated weekly. If some of these offers are removed please let me know in the facebook group.

From Top Navigation at RewardingWays Go To Sections Below And Locate Offer

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New offer. Get it while it last. The offer is for Nielson Digital Voice for mobile phone. You can find it in OfferWalls/Peanut Labs – Paying 648pt. Access this part of the website from mobile phone or tablet. Fill out questionnaire then confirm email – Download and install app and open it to get credit.

The title of the offer is. “Get rewarded just for using your Mobile Device! Keep the app and earn cool prizes!” and should be on the first page.

Earn Money – World Wide Offers

Neilson Digital Voice. $4.00 Survey – Register – Download – Install
Savvy Survey Connect. $2.50 Survey – Register – Download – Install Credits in one to two hours
Opt Free Coupon $1.00 Get Coupon.


OfferWall – OfferToro

Nav – Creditera $1.20 Survey – Register – Get Credit Report – NO CC Needed

OfferWall – Adgate Media –

Best Contact Lens $1.20 Fill out 2 questions survey – Click Banner – Sign up for free trial coupon. Must wear glasses or contacts.
Sleepiness Medication $1.20 Fill out 2 questions survey – Click Banner – Sign up for free trial coupon. Must have listed a sleeping Condition.
Eye Q – Improve your Vision $0.84 Fill out 2 questions survey – Click Banner – Sign up for free trial coupon. Must use contacts.
Solar Joy $0.96 Apply for solar panel quote – Must Qualify
Credit Seasame $0.90 Get Free Credit Score (no CC)
Want to Visit Alaska $0.60 Sign up for info about Alaska
Life Reimagined LifeMap $0.60 Sign up. Fill out Life Map
Join Piggy $0.48 Install browser add on – Create Account
P&G Everyday $0.24 Register confirm email
Ebates $0.36 Register Confirm Email

Adscend media

Slice Andropid App $1.20 Link to Your Amazon Account.
HULU App $0.36 Download App. Install Register
UnRoll me $0.40 Link to any email account.
Real Times $0.30 Download Install Register
All Daily Break Offers Create one account – Complete triva questions get coupon

Trial Offers.
Tripay – Stamps Trial $6.00 – Free 30 Day Trial.

Adgate Media – VIP VOICE $1.68 –
Adgate Media – GFK $1.20
Adgate Media – Ipsos i-Say $2.00
Adgate Media – Smart Panel – Unsure $1 Plus
Earn Money – World Wide offers – Rewards TV 0.75

All the panels above you must join, confirm email and complete survey to get credit

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Method #2 Daily Surveys

Join RewardingWays – Join Facebook Group – Find Me On Facebook

Here is my surveys Routine.

SaySoForGood – The routers are quick. You will know if they have a survey you can do within a couple minutes. I try these surveys from 3 links at these price points. 2.50, $1.20, $0.90

Mythoughtcounts – $1.50 or $0.90. Next I try this router. It does take longer to find a survey. If i screen out of a few surveys I go to the next section. I won’t spend more then 10 minutes trying to find a survey in this section.

GMT – 1.10 or $0.96 survey – I will try 1 or both. I will spend at most 10 minutes finding a survey in this section.

Live Sample – 3 surveys – I always get surveys in the live sample links every day. I do the one link for $90 and 2 more surveys in the other link for $90.

Labs – $0.75 – Good surveys company short surveys usually 10 minutes long.

Samplicious $1.25 – I will try a few tries to find a survey but if I do not get a survey soon I’m done .

Your Surveys Unlimited Router $0.70. If I have more time or have exhausted all links I will do surveys here. I get surveys here everyday. The most I did in one day from this link is 8 surveys. The survey screeners are pretty quick and you can usually find surveys back to back.

My goal is only to make $5 per day and work the site at least 1-2 hrs per day but I often make more. I do surveys when I have free time. Which could mean when im watching tv, at the doctor office ect. Plus I usually find a couple new paid to sign ups offers daily.

Method #3 PTC